Making a Will is a straight-forward and inexpensive exercise. It is also one of the kindest things you can do. So that when your family are coming to terms with your passing, they know that they are making the plans and arrangements in the way you wanted them to be made.

It’s a disappointing statistic that about 60% of people in the country die without a Will. This is known as dying intestate, and means that the state decides what happen to your money and assets. The problem is that the decisions that are taken might not have been those you would have chosen. To compound the situation, without a Will you are open to the possibility of paying inheritance tax which even for people on modest incomes or pensions is a possibility because of house price inflation in Surrey and the south east.

A lot of the time people don’t make a Will because they would rather not face up to the inevitable, and to a point that is understandable. At Blossom Law Solicitors, the process of making a Will can be made to be quick and easy. In many cases, we can provide a Will for a fixed fee and once it’s completed, you need not think about it again for many years.


Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Will states what should happen to your estate after you die. Lasting Powers of Attorney states how your healthcare, property and assets should be managed in your lifetime. Advances in medical care means people are living longer and surviving trauma incidents that were inconceivable a generation ago.

As we get older our mental health can deteriorate, to the point of losing capacity to make decisions for ourselves. Lasting Powers of Attorney let us make decisions about how we should be cared for before reaching that point. There are two types:

  • Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney

In the event a person is diagnosed as having lost capacity, and LPAs are not in place, a drawn out and complicated deputyship court order needs to be applied for. This can prove frustrating because while waiting for the court to do its work, decisions need to be made as to the welfare of a loved one. That’s why when making a Will with Blossom Law Solicitors we will also talk to you about the benefits LPAs.

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