Our approach to client service and the law is summarised under these headings which underpin everything that we do.


At Blossom Law Solicitors in Ashford Middlesex, we understand that visiting a solicitor can be an uncomfortable experience especially if it is for the first time. After all no one really wants a solicitor, we are needed by clients to achieve a specific objective. That’s why we aim to humanise the experience to the best of our ability.

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Like every law firm we are regulated by the Law Society. Unlike every law firm, we also hold the Law Society quality accreditations for CQS and Lexcel. Lexcel provides clients with reassurance that Blossom Law Solicitors is operated with approved and proven processes for excellent client service and sound financial management.

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We are an experienced team in the areas of commercial property, residential property, buy-to-let, help-to-buy, right to buy, Wills & LPAs, and family law.

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We will represent your interests strongly and defend your position skilfully when it is called for. We seek a respectful and constructive relationship with all sides, as we believe this serves our clients’ best interests in the long run.

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Blossom Law Solicitors operates with a culture of openness and honesty. That includes with our own clients where we will provide an objective assessment of the strength of a case in the light of evidence available.

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Lawyers have a reputation for dragging their feet. We aim to be decisive, to not sit on the fence when it comes to providing an opinion. In the event matters are drawn out we will do our best to explain why that is.

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